Obituaries, June 19, 2016

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Moses G. Arakelian, 89, of Northbridge

Clifford J. Audette, 87, of Worcester

Arthur L. Banks Jr., 86, of Northborough

Jean (Brown) Bechard, 94, of Shrewsbury

Rachel I. (Graveson) Bergeron, 88, of Uxbridge

Paul J. Blais, 93, of Auburn

Warren E. Burgess, 85

Norma E. Cammuso, 78, of Millbury

Harry J. “Jack” Carlson III of Webster

Michael S. Carlson, 38, of Fitchburg and Ashby

Michael L. Casey, 65, of Shrewsbury

Jeanne E. (McFarland) Clark, 87, of Oxford

David F. Colacchio, 56, of Clinton

Virginia I. (Johnson) Collins, 93, of Lancaster

Sanford “Sandy” Conn, 88, of Worcester

Everton M. Connell, 87, of Worcester

Steven Paul Dube, 58, of Holden

Joan Ann (Armstrong) Ethier, 84, of Spencer

Dennis P. Farrell, 65, of Leicester

Jeffery R. Figueroa, 27, of Charlton

Leo J. Forcier Jr, 69, of Winchendon

Joseph E. Genelli, 81, of Clinton

Calvin G. Gilmore Sr., 67, of Moosup, Conn.

Doris “Dory” P. (Preece) Graham, 65, of Westborough

Joyce A. Hachey, 60, of Lunenburg

John L. “Jack” Hadley, 67, of Webster

Pauline M. (Eldridge) Harding, 93, of Oxford

Marion T. (Sanders) Hines, 85, of Leominster

Richard J. Johnston, 88, of Worcester

Joan F. (Hatt) Jones, 83, of Millbury

Debra A. (Parmenter) Joubert, 57, of Webster

Ann M. (Radicioni) Kallio, 68, of Winchendon

Diane L. Kane, 59, of Sturbridge

Ruth L. Kimerling, 103, of Worcester

John Linwood Kelley, 89

Therese L. (Landroche) Lane, 89, of Oxford

Nelton James “Joe” Leck, 89, of Shrewsbury

Geraldine “Geri” (Zide) Lew, 84, of Leominster

Gloria E. (Anctil) Lindquist, 83, of Webster and Holden

Mary A. (Satas) Martel, 89, of Hudson

Shirley M. (Harwood) Menard, 88, of Worcester

Peter S. Morgan, 91, of Worcester

Hester Cora Chase Morin, 99, of Danielson, Conn., and Putnam, Conn.

Scott A. Monteith, 60, of Westborough

James E. Niddrie, 82, of Millbury

Sylvia Cecelia (Anderson) Nylund, 91, of Worcester and Allentown, Pa.

Robert C. Ostman, 76, of Lunenburg

Edwin Allan “Ed” Pelto, of Gardner and Fitchburg

Peter C. Rocheleau, 76, of Oxford

Pauline M. (Graves) Rose, 89, of Auburn

Grazia “Grace” (Barbato) Sodano,  88, of Worcester

Jeannette R. (Melanson) St. Yves, 77, of Leominster

Ada Geraldine (Reynolds) Stromberg, 92, of Johnson City, N.Y., and Worcester

Hector N. Thibeault, 76, of Leicester

Neal R. Thomas, 63, of Millbury

Sandra M. (Cozzens) Valeri, 72, of Leominster

Susan J (Wilga) Zielinski,  70, of Sorrento, Fla., and Dudley

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