Local Business Spotlight: Technocopia, making it work

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After much tribulation and with almost no end in sight, the builders at Technocopia finally put it all back together.

Nicholas Bold, Kevin Harrington and Alex Camelo started as three classmates from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a passion for automation, robotics and creativity in their application. They would later form Neuron Robotics in 2008, a consulting and education company designed to inspire a similar passion for robotics in others, and to assist employers in making their operations more efficient.

Nick Bold

Sun Staff / Worcester Sun

Nick Bold of Technocopia, center, meets with prospective members at a recent Open Hacks and Craft night, 7:30-10 p.m. every Thursday.

Their initial attitude toward what they define as “capital equipment,” machines designed to assist in production and reduce human labor, was that the life of the everyday person would be enhanced.

“The idea was that the less people had to work, the more time they would have for leisure activities and education,” Harrington said.

“Now you don’t have to do that work which you automated,” Bold said. “You can work on other stuff instead.”

In reality, though enterprising, their contracting experience also left them feeling disillusioned when one client, whom they left unnamed for professional reasons, laid off 30 of its workers after hiring Neuron to help automate their processes.

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