Local Business Spotlight: For Worcester’s Sneakerama, it’s a marathon

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If you grew up in Worcester in the 1980s and ’90s, then certainly you could quickly muster a long list of businesses which existed when you were a kid that are no longer open.

Maybe your list looks something like this: Caldor, Worcester Common Fashion Outlets, Discovery Zone, Abdow’s Big Boy, Dream Machine, The Ground Round, Maurice the Pants Man, Charlie’s Surplus, Spag’s.

One could go on and on.

Sneakerama, still going nearly 40 years later.

Patrick Sargent / For Worcester Sun

Sneakerama, still going nearly 40 years later.

While all these places have come and gone over the past 40 years, there’s at least one small family-owned business from your childhood that survived — with no end in sight.

The slogan for Sneakerama is “For the Long Run,” and does it ever live by those words.

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