Editorial: Who’s the fairest of them all?

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“There is a growing segment of our community that would rather work to make things better than to live in self-defeating negativity. Thanks to the efforts of this group, many of them young people who have made the conscious choice to make the city their home, we are starting to see Worcester as a place where good things are happening.”

The words of City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr., in his self-evaluation to the City Council, speak to the optimism that Worcester is now and can continue to become a place that attracts and retains young people with the ability and willingness to help create a vibrant 21st century economy.

It is a mind-set shared by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, whose motto “Recruit, Retain, Incubate” is as much a roadmap to long-term economic growth as a slogan.

Worcester's downtown skyline could see many significant changes.

Wikimedia Commons

Worcester, perennially on the rise …

Worcester’s affordability is a strong selling point, as is its burgeoning downtown as millennials continue to migrate to urban environments.

A study released last Thursday, though, holds the promise of being a key selling point in attracting young professionals to Worcester and keeping college students in the area after graduation.

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