The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 16: Glen’s Long Road to Health

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Mrs. Therese Abraham did not relent. She said we were lucky to have found her, someone who could help with Glen’s heart condition. “I wanted people to know that I could help, at the same time not to advertise out as to what I can do. Kindly keep it safe,” she said.

In the interim, my son was deteriorating. His time to live according to some doctors was getting shorter. We were worried, but we continued to pray and tried to give him courage. His results at school were continuously regressing. He could not join his classmates in doing anything physical. His was only to laugh when necessary. The situation was worrisome indeed.

Glen's heart problems had Augustine and family spanning the globe for answers.

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Glen’s heart problems had Augustine and family spanning the globe for answers.

We were asked to make a film of his heart on a CD for review in England. We took him to his first Gambian doctor, Dr. Sallah, a well-known pediatrician. We had hoped for some successes with him. Our hopes were dashed because he did not have any modern equipment. That was scary. He made it fearful and said Glen’s heart situation was terrible, its rate was beyond recognition. Glen dwindled. His ears were longer, with eyes sunken in. The [echocardiogram] Dr. Sallah did was not visible. We begged him to put it in a CD. He gave us a few days to return for it.

After the sixth day, I was in his office to collect it. I spent over six hours waiting for him to see me. I could not go for my newspaper investigation that day. It was getting late. I asked his secretary if he would not come out. I had just realized that his office had several doors. He had sneaked [out] the other door without me seeing him. That was the end of the day for him.

The secretary was going about closing the doors and windows when I asked her if the doctor was not seeing me that day. “Oh I’m sorry, doctor was not in. I did not realize it till now.”

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