Sina-cism: In Dudley, Muslims need not apply

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I’ve followed Dudley’s Muslim cemetery debate with that mix of fascination and horror usually reserved for extraordinarily bad movies, tomato aspic, and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

I’ve refrained from comment, hoping that residents of Dudley might show some measure of fairness and goodwill.

Time’s up.

You may believe that the ferocious opposition to plans for a Muslim cemetery on 55 acres of former farmland on Corbin Road has nothing to do with ignorance, bigotry and intolerance.

But I don’t.

You may believe that residents would be equally upset if the 55 acres were being purchased for the burial of Congregationalists, Baptists or Jews.

But I don’t.

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3 thoughts on “Sina-cism: In Dudley, Muslims need not apply

  1. In Dudley’s defense, their xenophobia against Muslims makes perfect sense given the past 15 years of monstrous lies told by our gov-media about Islam. We have all heard the lies and they usually follow along this bogus propaganda meme:
    “All Muslims may not be terrorists, but, so far, all of the terrorists have been Muslims!”
    If I believed this lie…i.e., if I were not painfully aware of the CIA’s massive black budgets and their long history of using false-flag operations to boost military budgets and justify wars; if I didn’t know about Operations Gladio and Northwoods; if I were not aware of the clumsy coverup of what really happened at the 2013 Boston Marathon, etc, etc,, then I, too, would hate Muslims and would oppose Muslim cemeteries.

    But I am aware.