Sina-cism: Government can’t save you from tobacco

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The Massachusetts Senate recently voted 32-2 in favor of a bill that would raise the minimum age for buying tobacco products to 21.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

When it comes to social engineering, politicians often vote in packs, and since tobacco is such an easy target and so seemingly simple a vote, the margin came as no surprise. Nor will it shock anyone when the House follows suit and Gov. Charlie Baker signs some new legislation into law.

Should the bill survive in roughly the form the Senate approved, regulations will be extended to cover electronic cigarettes, and pharmacies will be required to phase out their sales of all tobacco products.

I’m sure the senators are sincere in their actions and truly believe further regulations will reduce the number of people who smoke in Massachusetts, prevent youth from picking up the deadly habit, and cut health care costs.

I’m equally sure their actions will have almost no effect.

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