Rucker’s Worcester investment continues with charity fund

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Following a pattern of substantial upfront investment in the city, Worcester Railers HC owner Cliff Rucker has started a team-based charitable foundation that is planned to help the city’s youth gain more access to hockey.

“I think that when you’re coming into the community, and you’re making significant investments in hockey-related entities — in the event that there is reciprocity in the community, meaning people support the team, people come to the games and it becomes a viable business — there is an obligation to give back to the community,” Rucker said.

rucker_hedshotWorcester Railers HC Charitable Foundation Inc., was incorporated March 1, according to the Secretary of State website, with an address of 50 Foster St., the DCU Center. Rucker is listed as president, treasurer, clerk and director, according to corporate filings.

Rucker said Mike Myers, Railers vice president of community relations, will run the foundation.

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