Rothschild talks about SWIP, WRA and investing in Worcester

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Steven Rothschild is a businessman, and a successful one at that. It’s no surprise, then, that once he crunched the numbers he decided investing in a development at the once sleepy and much-maligned South Worcester Industrial Park would be a good idea.

But there’s more to it than dollars, he says, there’s a sense of responsibility.

“I saw it as a solid investment,” Rothschild told the Sun May 23. “Based on the valuation of the properties, based on the city willing to provide a TIF and the development costs, with the right plan, we could put together a financially viable development that we would be able to piece out and make a reasonable return on our capital and our effort over the coming years.”

Armory Business Center signing

Courtesy Steven Rothschild

Steve Rothschild, seated with Main South officials standing, signs an agreement to purchase SWIP land and develop the Armory Business Center.

Beyond capitalism, though, there’s the future.

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