Randy Feldman on Worcester’s downtown reboot

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Randy Feldman has a vision for downtown Worcester. And he’s not afraid to share it.

Feldman, an immigration attorney with an office on the first floor of the Denholm Building on Main Street, called the Worcester Redevelopment Authority [WRA] urban renewal plan “phenomenal,” but believes the city is “playing small ball” with its redevelopment plans, and the plan itself wasn’t communicated to local business owners well enough.

feldman_hedshotAs part of the WRA plan, six office condominiums located on the first floor of the Denholm Building would be potentially acquired by the WRA for redevelopment into proposed retail, restaurant and commercial space.

Feldman has owned 484 Main St., No. 510 since 1993.

Among those condos include nonprofit women’s business outfitters Dress for Success, a U.S. Postal Service branch, a coffee and sandwich shop, and an antique and collectibles store, all of which could be relocated under the WRA plan. Two other condos are unoccupied.

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