Obituaries, May 9, 2016

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David A. Adams, 57, of Shrewsbury and Worcester

Ernest J. Babineau, 84, of Winchendon

Elizabeth Ann St. John Barry, 56, of Worcester

Ella F. Chase, 94, of South Grafton

Debra J. (Jokinen) Chaves, 64, of Hudson

Kathleen M. Conlon, 56, of Worcester

Cirilo A. “Cisco” Diaz, 91, of Clinton

Mary Ellen (O’Connor) Donoghue, 89, of Worcester

David M. Ela, Sr., 86, of Spencer

Gabrielle (Ricard) Gaboury, 98, of Webster

Sandra M (Segerlind) Gabrielian, 72 of Worcester

Jason J. Garneau, 35, of Leominster

Wyatt Scott Hazelton, 20, of Holden

Norman C. Magowan, Jr. of Grafton

Carol L. (Luscombe) Greenwood, 83, of Gardner and Westminster

John L. Hackett, 90, of Worcester

Theodore R. Harmon, 93, of Clinton

Belermina V. Hawkins, 67, of Worcester

William V. Heldenbergh, 72, of Douglas

Ruth H. Holmes, 76, of New Braintree

Bradford A. Hubbard, 60, of Princeton

John F. Judge, 97, of Worcester

George J. Kalil, 83

James B. Kenary, Jr. of Worcester

Nellie (Rezuke) Laurence, 80, of Sterling

Julie Palmer Leonard, 61, of Bradenton, Fla., and Lunenburg

Jacalyn E. (Suprenant) Lindsey, 54, of Sturbridge

Sister Mary Little, R.S.M., 101, of Worcester

C. Allen Martell, 96, of Brookfield

Stacy A. (Pawlowicz) Marysz, 100, of Westminster

Margaret (Osgood) Moore, 86, of Hudson

Margaret Anna (Nesbitt) Nelson, 91, of Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, and Douglas

Joel D. Palmer, 67, of Fiskdale

Mark L. Rivard, 60, of Westminster

William K. Rocheleau, 79, of Holden

Doris M. (Hill) Roe, 94, of West Brookfield

Barbara J. (Pope) Rogers, 85, of Charlton

Bernice M. C. (Caron) Rosenblad, 97, of Worcester

Kathleen M (Kell) Smith, 96, of North Brookfield

Brian E. Thibault, 63, of Fitchburg

Austin H. Tierney Jr., 77, of Uxbridge

Dr. Susan Melita Fenton Willoughby of South Lancaster

Desire A. (Delaney) Wuth, 93, of Clinton

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