Obituaries, May 6, 2016

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David A. Adams, 57, of Shrewsbury and Worcester

Michael O. Anderson, 74, of Worcester

Ellen M. Bouvier, 79, of Grafton and Natick

William J. Crystoff, 96, of Jefferson

Ronald J. Daigle Sr., 51, of Fitchburg 

Dennis W. Doe, 57, of Grafton

Mary Ellen (O’Connor) Donoghue, 89, of Worcester

Edwin A. Finn, 96, of Northbridge, Grafton and Whitinsville

Merle Foye, 91, of Grafton

Jason J. Garneau, 35, of Leominster

Christopher Michael Gould, 34, of Essex and Leominster

Everett Herman Grahn, 76, of Millbury

Carol L. (Luscombe) Greenwood, 83, of Gardner and Westminster

Ruth H. Holmes, 76, of New Braintree

Roy R. Hunter, 41, of Kansas City, Mo., and Charlton

Elizabeth Ann “Bette” (Fleming) Iandoli of Worcester

Paul C. Kiritsy, 91, of Shrewsbury

Victor A. Koivumaki, III, 70, of Lancaster

Sandra “Sandy” LaPointe 71, of Leominster

Nellie (Rezuke) Laurence, 80, of Sterling

Alfred J. Lemoine, 74, of Grafton

Alice M. “Dolly” (Coles) Liddy, 86, of Clinton

David George Marker, 78, of Holden

Lynn A. (Favreau) Marszalkowski, 49, of Webster

C. Allen Martell, 96, of Brookfield

Peter J. Maxellon, 82, of Hubbardston

Joan E. (Higgins) Pabley, 67, formerly of Paxton

Mark L. Rivard, 60, of Westminster

William K. Rocheleau, 79, of Holden

Doris M. (Hill) Roe, 94, of West Brookfield

Frances (Robbins) Sawers, 97, of West Boylston, Holden and Worcester

Mary Ann (Sherer) Serra, 65, of Worcester

Kathleen M (Kell) Smith, 96, of North Brookfield

Joan F. Snay, 74, of Webster

George R. Waller, Jr., 47, of Worcester

Barbara G. (Johnston) Wheeler, 82, of Bolton

Gloria Theresa (DiPucchio) Williamson of Worcester

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