Obituaries, May 3, 2016

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Michael O. Anderson, 74, of Worcester

Malcolm Hudson Arbour, 89, of Shrewsbury

Ioanna (Adamas) Argyriadis, 75, of Sterling

Barbara A. (Crowley) Bailey, 84, of Clinton

Loretta Bergeron, 91, of Millbury

Robert M. Bolduc, 88, of Lowell and Worcester

Arthur C. Bolivar, 86, of Douglas

Ellen M. Bouvier, 79, of Grafton and Natick

Eleanor A. (Mauke) Caffrey, 84, of Worcester

Robert J. Carreau, Jr, 66, of Worcester

Brion D. Chamberlain, Sr., 62, of Douglas

Mary A. Christiansen, 79, of Uxbridge

Warren E. Clark, 92, of West Brookfield and Barre

Dr. Sherrill A. “Ted” Conna, 85, of Westborough

Eurides A. Crump, 27, of Worcester

Spero  “Skip” Dodos, 68, of Charlton

Edwin A. Finn, 96, of Northbridge, Grafton and Whitinsville

Ruth A. (Aubin) Gonsorcik, 91, of Millbury

Janet (Ryan) Goodnow, 73, of Leicester

Robert J. Goulet, 89, of Worcester

Kenneth A. “Ken” Gustafson, 88, of Webster and Grafton

Evelyn (Lambert) Lamontagne, 104, of Worcester

Roger O. LeBlanc, 64, of Worcester

Lynn A. (Favreau) Marszalkowski, 49, of Webster

Sylvia M. (Ethier) McCausland, 79, of Uxbridge

Alice (Santoian) Ovian, 81, of Whitinsville

Marion L. (Backman) Schonbeck, 97, of Worcester

Joan F. Snay, 74, of Webster

Louis H. Stewart, 86, of Auburn

Thomas E. Sullivan, 81, of Millbury

Shirley Tatro, 79, of Westborough

Austin H. Tierney Jr., 77, of Uxbridge

Elinor M. (Titus) Towne, 91, of West Warren

George R. Waller, Jr., 47, of Worcester

Joseph A. “Andy” Williamson, 65, of Whitinsville

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