Obituaries, May 19, 2016

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Louis J. Antonellis, 91, of Northborough

Alfred E. Ballard, 91, of Southbridge

Ryan Matthew Brunelle, 27, of Sterling

Robert J. (Grampy) Cain of Hudson

Kevin Robert Caissie, 58, of Worcester

Kathleen M. (Borski) Champagne, 65, of Dudley

Bertha M. (Beaudoin) Constantine, 91, of Oxford

Sidney N. (Smith) Cusack, 68, of Worcester

Joseph A. “Joe” DiLello, 91, of Shrewsbury and New York

Jean M. (Hurley) Drago, 83, of Grafton

Mark Ducharme, 57, of Uxbridge and Wilton, N.H.

Donna Duyon, 57, of Webster

Russell L. Farnsworth, Jr., 47, of Lunenburg and Sterling

Richard A. “Chet” Fortier, 43, of Worcester

Christopher L. Fortin, 44, of Milford

Mildred E. (Swain) Froemel, 97, of Clinton

David, F. Gabis, Sr., 78, of Worcester

William “Bill” Gaudet, 69, of Leominster

Rita C. (Bouthillette) Germain, 96, of Oxford

Emile J. Girouard, 82, of Leominster

John H. “Jackie” Gordon, 80, of Worcester and Clinton

I. George Gould, 99, of Acton

Anna  Laura (Raymond) Harroll, 88, of Worcester and West Orange, N.J.

Kevin R. Hoey, 57, of Worcester

Barbara C. Izbicki, 72, of Worcester

Russell F. Lafarier, 62, of Lunenburg

Ruby (Wong) LaFleur, 84, of Plainfield, Conn.

Robert F. La Force, 78, of Millbury

Nicole A. Lavallee, 22, of Northbridge

John M. “Jack” Loftus, 65, of Charlton

Margaret M. “Peg” (McKim) Martin, 81 of Worcester

Ronald M. “Mac” McCann age 83, of Douglas and Webster

Sarah Mizhir, 52, of Lunenburg

Carol A. (Senecal) Nicholas, 77, of Boylston

Georgette (Xifaras) Nicholopoulos, 89, of Webster

Louise (Famiglietti) Pacheco, 94, of Norwalk, Conn., and Worcester

Constance Marie (Kane) Pandiscio of Holden

Rebecca “Becki” J. (Labrecque) Perez, 27, of Douglas

Olga L. Pojani, 92, of Worcester

Henry S. “Hank” Poler, 78, of Grafton

Jaeden E. Robinson, 6, of Webster

Norman Edward Smith, 77, of Hudson

Theresa M. (Carbonneau) Spacciapoli, 87, of Leominster

Kelley E. Starratt, 52, of Worcester

Ronald J. Sullivan, 66, of Southbridge

Katalin (Korossy) Szabo, 91, of Paxton

Leona (Pelote) Teto, 96, of Lunenburg

Theresa B. (Brunelle) Thayer, 88 of North Brookfield

Lillian Ann (Stamp) Twarog, 75, of Princeton

Patricia Marie (Baxter) Walcott, 61, of Marlborough and Milton

Gail (Wells) Wilen, 80, of Westwood

Thomas E. Willems, 67, of Northborough

John S. Wilson, 57, of Grafton

Alice W. (Laffey) Zibinskas, 97, of Riverview, Fla., and Worcester

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