Obituaries, May 13, 2016

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Paul “Butchie” Aboody Jr. 75, of Shrewsbury

J. Thomas “Tommy” Adams, 77, of Grafton

Guido “Guy” V. Barassi, 86, of Leominster

Paul Barys, 62, of Worcester

Kevin M. Brodeur, 54, of Oxford

Richard J. Castle, 80, of Worcester

Frank O. Collins, 93, of Lancaster

Harriet (Kimberly) Crawford, 95, of Fort Myers, Fla,. and Dudley

John J. “Jack” Fargnoli, Jr., 64, of Spencer

Gabrielle (Ricard) Gaboury, 98, of Webster

Ronald A. Girouard, 82, of Gallatin, Tenn., and Winchendon

Priscilla C. Gleason, 99, of Leicester

Paul John Grabauskas, 85, of Millbury

Theodore R. Harmon, 93, of Clinton

Theodore R. Harmon, 93, of Clinton

Ann C. (Schollard) Harrison, 95, of West Brookfield

Timothy Lafrennie, 50, of Winchendon

James A. Lavin Jr., 67, of Spencer

Edward L. Lemoine, 79, of Sutton

John R. Lewis, 87, of Oxford

William P. MacIver, 79, of Southborough, Weymouth and Pennsylvania

Brian R. Mageau, 71, of Southbridge

Paul L. Maillet, 79, of Auburn

Richard C. Markowski, 85 of Worcester

Mark J. McIntyre Sr., 57, of Webster

Margaret (Osgood) Moore, 86, of Hudson

Sylvia (Newcomb) Morrison, 76, of Barre

Robert W. Osowski, 87, of Fiskdale

Albert “Buddy” Charles Ostrand, 94, of Worcester

Jo-Ann F. (Peterson) Paro, 84, of Worcester

Phyllis E. (Gaboury) Poole, 92, of Worcester

Armand J. Richards, 94, of Charlton

Dr. Samuel P. Sawyer, 95, of Warren

Michael Edwin Niiayi Thompson, 68, of Worcester

Janice C. (Reed) Wenc, 88, of Grafton

Desire A. (Delaney) Wuth, 93, of Clinton

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