Obituaries, May 11, 2016

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Norma M. (Green) Allard of Webster

Ernest J. Babineau, 84, of Winchendon

Guido “Guy” V. Barassi, 86, of Leominster

Stephen Blanding, 64, of Whitinsville

Thomas M. Boudreau, 64, of Winchendon

Dorothy (Gagner) Briand, 79, of Worcester

Kevin M. Brodeur, 54, of Oxford

Richard J. Castle, 80, of Worcester

Debra J. (Jokinen) Chaves, 64, of Hudson

Kathleen M. Conlon, 56, of Worcester

Gail M. (Perkins) Cunningham, 74, of Oxford

John J. “Jack” Fargnoli, Jr., 64, of Spencer

Joseph C. Feeley, 87, of Grafton

Gabrielle (Ricard) Gaboury, 98, of Webster

Sandra M (Segerlind) Gabrielian, 72 of Worcester

Ronald A. Girouard, 82, of Gallatin, Tenn., and Winchendon

Paul John Grabauskas, 85, of Millbury

Theodore R. Harmon, 93, of Clinton

Wyatt Scott Hazelton, 20, of Holden

John L. Hackett, 90, of Worcester

Theodore R. Harmon, 93, of Clinton

Jean Elizabeth (Fullerton) Hobbs, 89, of Lunenburg

Ruth H. Holmes, 76, of New Braintree

Bradford A. Hubbard, 60, of Princeton

James B. Kenary, Jr. of Worcester

Charles James Krakowski, 95, of North Brookfield

Evelyn G. (Gablaski) LaBree, 83, of Princeton

Timothy Lafrennie, 50, of Winchendon

Veronica (Bousquet) LeDoux, 91, of Worcester

Edward L. Lemoine, 79, of Sutton

John R. Lewis, 87, of Oxford

C. Allen Martell, 96, of Brookfield

Stacy A. (Pawlowicz) Marysz, 100, of Westminster

Muriel A. (Bragdon) Manghue, 87, of Auburn, and Franconia, N.H.

Richard C. Markowski, 85 of Worcester

Mark J. McIntyre Sr., 57, of Webster

Margaret (Osgood) Moore, 86, of Hudson

Sylvia (Newcomb) Morrison, 76, of Barre

Margaret Anna (Nesbitt) Nelson, 91, of Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, and Douglas

Robert W. Osowski, 87, of Fiskdale

Joel D. Palmer, 67, of Fiskdale

Miriam (Coller) Patrick of Worcester

Armand J. Richards, 94, of Charlton

Donald G Siegmund of Dudley

Margaret L. “Peggy” (Turco) Simoncini, 90, of Worcester

Paula A. Snyder-McGeary, 58, of Oxford

Brian E. Thibault, 63, of Fitchburg

Joel William Velez, 21, of Lancaster

William A. “Bill” Weiss, 75, of Holden

Desire A. (Delaney) Wuth, 93, of Clinton

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