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Sun Sampler: A healthy portion of our freshest good stuff |  With in-depth reporting, intricate storytelling and thoughtful perspectives we have strived to create a menu that accentuates the best of Worcester and its surrounding communities. Something you didn’t know yesterday that makes you think about tomorrow. The places you’ll want to go. Real folks with incredible stories, who we think you’d want to meet.

The window displays at the Denholm Building not only dress up the Main Street landmark's facade but also highlight the building's history.

Patrick Sargent / For Worcester Sun

The window displays at the Denholm Building not only dress up the Main Street landmark’s facade but also highlight the building’s history.

Sun Shine: Windows into city’s past at Denholms |  “I started working on the windows because I saw the condition of the building. I wanted to lend my hand any way I could. At the same time, I wanted to honor my grandmother by doing this work.” Christopher Sawyer has been brightening the landmark’s facade for several years. Learn more about his motivation and plans for the future with Patrick Sargent.

Sina-cism: Government can’t save you from tobacco |  “About one in five Americans continues to smoke, and at least 400,000 Americans die every year from tobacco-related illness. The toll on our national health and the financial impact on our healthcare system is truly incalculable. So what are we to do? I propose we do nothing.” Well, not exactly nothing, but Chris Sinacola says new state legislation would be merely smokescreen.

Editorial: Worcester, a place that works |  The Heart of the Commonwealth has solid middle-class values. In a word, we work. Good, attainable jobs have lifted families’ lives in Worcester, generation after generation. But the path has become less clear. A recent piece in the New York Times Magazine takes a personal, warts-and-all but still hopeful look at the place we call home.

May8SunSpot_teaseSun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 56]: Holy Cross and a new kind of bus stop |  A group of college leaders got together with the always-there-for-you WRTA before the school year and unveiled a plan to connect more campuses and their students to downtown. Good deal, right? Well, before the diplomas are handed out and commencement kegs tapped, Holy Cross has scrapped the fledgling program citing low ridership in published reports. Not exactly a whole lot of patience — the WRA hasn’t even started prettying up downtown yet! Hitch has some thoughts.

May8-WPS Art 7Inbox [May 8]: Worcester schools honors senior artists, Holy Cross rates Forbes lists, Clark prof ‘friend of Armenians’, GWCF seeks YCI applicants ASAP |  Interesting and worthwhile things happen every day in our community. Alas, we can’t cover them all. That’s where Inbox comes in, to offer readers an easily digestible compilation of interesting and noteworthy items you and your neighbors keep telling us about. Have a release or a photo you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

baseball-pixabayWorcester Weekly: St. John’s-SPM baseball + 5 more things to do, May 8-15 |  When life gives you rainouts, you give your readers a second chance at not missing this big-time scholastic baseball showdown. A couple of longtime city charity events are on tap, too, not to mention a blood drive with a twist and some business advice that will either leave your head spinning or your mind blown. Oh, and a road trip — so, what’re you waiting for?

New in Free to Read

vapeloungelogo2Local Business Spotlight: Vape Lounge, the new after-dinner destination for smokers?

“Right now, Worcester is the mecca,” for vape shops, said one successful store owner who believes the city’s relatively lax regulations have created an inviting atmosphere for the retail and entertainment businesses to proliferate. Well, a pair of Burncoat best friends figured they’d throw their hats in the ring and thought Shrewsbury Street was the right place to do it.

Local Crowdfund: From the dark local performer John Morello takes a shot at providing hope

He experienced two deaths in his family by the age of 12, his parents divorced, he was exposed to illicit drugs and didn’t finish high school. Despite these close encounters with the wrong path, local entertainer John Morello took the road less travelled and is turning his experiences into life lessons for high-risk children. In the process he raised nearly $3,000 more than his crowdfunding goal.

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