Editorial: Worcester takes the through-train

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Every minute matters to a commuter. There’s a nice surprise, then, for many of us in tomorrow’s debut of non-stop train service between Worcester and Boston: Non-stop or not, minutes are flying out the window.

That’s one of the first things we noticed when we ran the MBTA’s arrival-departure fine print through a calculator. The new system-wide commuter rail schedule taking effect May 23 shows all seven peak-hour morning trains out of Union Station getting to Boston faster — 13.4 percent faster, in all.

Union Station

Wikimedia Commons

Union Station

Even a ride that still makes each of the 16 stops between Union Station and South Station will shave a hair. The 506 train, for instance, which left Worcester at 6:35 a.m. weekdays and got to South Station at 8:14 (a 99-minute commute), will now depart at 6:30 and arrive at 8:07 (a 97-minute commute).

Other time savings across the new schedule are huge.

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