Worcestory Lesson: Digging the city’s past on East Side trail

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Early spring is a great time of year to get outside and hike the trails in and around Worcester. Before leaves block the view, you can see portions of the historical landscape that are normally obscured. Oftentimes hidden in the woods are long abandoned but important vestiges of our cities’ pasts.

Rock ledge of old coal mine

David DuBois / For Worcester Sun

Rock ledge of old coal mine

The East Side trail stretches from Lake Quinsigamond to East Park (Cristoforo Colombo Park) on Shrewsbury Street. The trail is managed by the Greater Worcester Land Trust, with partnerships and conservation restrictions from the city and local landowners.

Work on the trail began in 1997 and finished in 2011. It takes hikers past old rock quarries, through ravines and along spectacular stone walls. One of the more unique landmarks is the old coal mine shaft. Yes, an old coal mine in Worcester.

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