Part 14: Family vs. Husband-to-be

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My partner’s family didn’t like me, but I had done nothing to them.

Theresa  A. Johnson, my partner, and I already had a beautiful baby, Mary Hannah. Theresa’s older brothers [and] sisters had no baby girl among their kids. They rejoiced at having a very beautiful niece. Mary was named after Theresa’s older sister, who had supported her christening.

Augustine Kanjia

Mark A. Henderson / Worcester Sun

Augustine Kanjia (present day, at home in Worcester) with his wife, Theresa Johnson, and his 17-month-old daughter, Ann-Britt Anna.

Theresa’s older sister often sent clothes and food, much to the annoyance of her older brother, a tailor, who had enough troubles. The tailor did not approve of Theresa’s relationship with me, but we already had a baby. Despite those problems, I remained.

The tailor had no sympathy for me. There was no way out of his insults, but I endured. I kept writing, giving it my all and continuing to make a name for myself, but my partner’s family still did not believe in me.

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