Obituaries, April 5, 2016

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Barbara L. (Smart) Aiken, 66, of East Brookfield

Henry Arguijo, 72, of Rutland

Anita R. (Gable) Benware of Sterling

Marcus A. Blakney, 32, of Worcester

Alice M. (Lestha) Boutilette, 87, of Oxford

Francine Gretchen (Olson) Caissie of Worcester

Barbara J. (Normile) Casey, 73, of Leicester

Teresa M. (Kowalchek) Comptois, 76, of Webster

James F. Connery, Jr., 71, of Leicester

Lorraine M. (Fredette) Cote, 93, of Spencer

Jael G. DeOliveira, 81, of Lancaster

Daniel P. D’Errico, 81, of Worcester

Vincent Thomas “Jim” D’Errico, 78, of Shrewsbury

Zorka (Kuzmanova) Djordjevic, 96, of Sterling

Elda (Ianniccheri) Dupras 88, of Spencer

Rita M. (Ledoux) Dziemian, 92, of Shrewsbury

Alpheda “Freda” M. (Sarrasin) Fountaine, 75, of Sturbridge

Arnold Gaskin, 92, of Worcester and Holden

Diane C. (Miles) Gauvin, 67, of Leominster

Robert B. Gillies, 79, of Oxford

Evelyn L. (Blanchard) Hart, 90, of Northborough

Barbara J. (Martin) Hayes, 86, of Shrewsbury

Richard V. Jablonski, 85, of Worcester

Mary A. (Bower) Jameson, 69, of West Boylston

Iris A. (Runetz) Kingerski, 68, of Lunenburg

Robert Paul Lombardi, 76, of Worcester

Victor R. Marrino, 82

Mary E. (Coyle) Mastroberti, 94, of Worcester

Evelyn Minkkinen, 88, of Westminster

Ralph E. Murray, 82, of Clinton

Kenneth M Nachajko, 76, of Webster

Claire H. (Moulson) Nichols, 76, of Sutton

Raymond A. Plante, Sr., 76, of Shrewsbury and Worcester

Cecile A. (Lebel) Plasse, 93, of Sterling, Southbridge and Willimantic., Conn.

Jennie F. (Lemanski) Pultorak, 93, of Clinton

Marcella Malvina (Dvareckas) Shea, 95, of Putnam and Worcester

Genevieve M. (Beaudette) St. Cyr, 89, of Oxford

Peter Stefanow, 95, of Worcester

Janet (Owens) Such, 94, of Leominster

John R. Sundquist, 86, of Worcester

Jodi M. (Ricker) Trani, 34, of Holden

Arlene M. Williams, 94, of Northborough and Southborough

Rita C. (Wiwatowski) Zawalich, 83, of Holden

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