Obituaries, April 13, 2016

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Deanna Katherine “Kay” (Barrett) Anderson, 78, of Charlton

Oscar G. Aselbekian, 89, of Southborough

Victor J. Bartlett, 89, of Auburn

Estelle M. Blake, 95, of Worcester and Lenoxdale

Rose L. (Camardella) Boucher, 84, of Fitchburg

Anthony J. ‘Tony” Chlapowski, 88, of Laramie, Wyo., and Webster

Herbert C. “Herby” Christenson, 92, of Worcester

Eleanor Laing Clifford of Worcester

Bernard S. Coblentz, 88, of West Boylston

Brian L. Comstock, 76, of Rutland

Pauline S. “Polly” Copp, 99, of Worcester

Craig A. Cournoyer, 51, of Spencer

Robert H. Cournoyer, 75, of Grafton

James C. Cudd of Worcester

Evelyn R. (Jacques) Donohue, 89, of Oakham

Jack L. Drewry, 85, of North Oxford

Daniel Dube, 68, of Dudley

Richard P. “Rick” Dufresne, 68, of Worcester

Susan P. (Picard) Duquette, 60, of Dayville, Conn.

Norma C. (Whited) Dzaugis, 88, of Worcester

Paul D. Eisenhauer, 74, of Hubbardston and Holden

Harold J. Erickson Sr. 98, of Millbury

Bernadina Esquilin, 83, of Southbridge and Worcester

Paula M. (Edmunds) Ferrara, 49, of Lowell

Lindsey E. Ford, 62, of Winchendon

Robert C. Ford, 72, of Gardner

William E. Frisch, 81, of Clinton

Aurora G. (D’Auria) Fusaro, 85, of Worcester

Mary (DiVerdi) Gosselin, Higgins, 86 of Worcester

Donald M. Guerra 73, of Leicester

Karen J. Jellesma, 53, of Douglas

Alisa “Lisa” Lynnette Johnson, 48, of Holden

Curtis Jones, 70, of Worcester

Nicholas “Nick” “Nicky” James Kallio, 26, of Ashburnham

Sister Martha Ann Keenan, 75, of Worcester

Anne Marie (Picard) Lawrence, 69, of Charlton

Yvonne E. (Laime) Lebel, 86, of Grafton

Roman Norman Levitre of Grafton

Ellen S. Mattson, 97, of Lunenburg

Karen Mary McCarthy, 69, of Worcester

Patricia McHugh, 87, of Worcester

Patricia “Patty” A. (Cleveland) Mercier, 69, of Oxford

Jerry Morgan, 89, of West Boylston

Helen M. Morrissey, 84, of Worcester

Cynthia G. (Gould) Ouillette, 61, of Northbridge

Virginia Mae “Ginny” Peterson, 79, of Oxford

Winifred “Winnie” (Dadah) Pierce,  77, of Worcester

Althea B Prouty, 83, of Warren

Emerson L. “Bud” Reynolds, 98, of Webster

Ruth F. (Meoli) Ricciuti, 86, of Dennis and Fitchburg

Gary William Rochefort, 66, of Lowell and Auburn

Catalda R. (D’Ascanio) Roy, 84, of Sterling

Jeanne Louise St. Cyr, 64, of Leominster

Joanne V. (Seguin) St. Martin, 82, of Worcester

Richard K. Sterling, 84, of Ashburnham

Joseph F. Sweeney, 65, of Worcester

Frances T. (Houlberg) Taylor, 84, of Dudley

John F. Thurber, 67, of Uxbridge

Paul J. Tivnan, 91, of Shrewsbury

Donald J. Tremblay, 83, of Ashburnham

Eleanor (Heinold) Vitone, 90, of Clinton

Ellen M. (Miller) Weid, 73, of Northbridge

Oliver U. Wilson, Sr., 90, of Worcester

William J. Young, 87, of Hubbardston

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