Editorial: Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ merits passage, and a civility reminder

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Yes, we’re going there today. We’re going to the bathroom.

It’s understandable that many feel apprehensive about the prospect of people using the public restroom of the gender with which they identify rather than the gender with which they were born.

It’s an odd idea, to many — certainly a modern issue, and a situation that for most people is seldom encountered.

But people who belong to that minority group should be allowed to use the restroom of their gender identity. Most of the rest of us can and should learn to adjust to this.

We urge the state’s public accommodations bill [the Senate version is here] to get unstuck from House-Senate joint committee limbo.

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One thought on “Editorial: Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ merits passage, and a civility reminder

  1. Sorry, I disagree. I don’t wish harm to them, but anyone can say they are transgender and enter my space as a woman. I have rights as well and I want them to be equally respected.