Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan, the first five years

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The city of Worcester and the Worcester Redevelopment Authority have released the Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan.

The plan, which could cost as much as $104 million if fully implemented, targets 24 properties for reinvestment or redevelopment. It covers 118 acres ranging from Pearl and Mechanic streets to Lafayette and Southbridge streets.

12 Front Street

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

The property at 12 Front St. has four floors that are “predominantly vacant,” according to the Worcester Redevelopment Authority.

While the plan has a life of 20 years, “implementation of the URP is anticipated to be undertaken in phases.”

Phase 1, considered short-term, is envisioned as being able to take place in the first five years after adoption by the city and acceptance by the state. Phase 1 includes the following:

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