Up Next: Downtown underground garage nears debut in CitySquare

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The new parking garage in downtown Worcester will be opening soon and will mark the completion of a significant portion of the city’s $570 million CitySquare project.

According to the quarterly Economic Development Initiatives Detail Report filed by the Executive Office of Economic Development to the City Council on Thursday, March 3, the 550-space CitySquare underground parking garage is nearly finished and a portion of the garage will be open to the public in early 2016, as soon as April according to sources.

The portion of the garage that will be open first is bounded by Eaton Place [the St. Vincent Hospital cancer center] and Front and Mercantile streets. This includes 340 of the 550 parking spots.

Worcester's downtown skyline, slightly askew

Wikimedia Commons

Worcester’s downtown skyline, slightly askew — you can almost see CitySquare from here!

Garage space underneath the planned $33.1 million, 168-room AC hotel in CitySquare will remain closed while the hotel is being constructed. Construction on the hotel is set to begin this spring, according to the report.

On Tuesday evening, March 8, Michael E. Traynor, chief development officer of the Executive Office of Economic Development, will present the report to the City Council along with development updates on Gateway Park, Union Station, the Blackstone Canal and the former Worcester County Courthouse, among others.

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2 thoughts on “Up Next: Downtown underground garage nears debut in CitySquare

  1. It is not true that the bike lanes will cause the loss of parking spaces. We can actually end up with more parking spaces.

  2. Bike lanes, depending where they are, impact parking spaces. The bike lane on Lake Ave going into Belmont st., is so ridiculous as it splits between two driving lanes for the right turn over quinsig bridge. People can’t see motorcycles as it is never mind a cyclist. As far as parking prices go – “affordable” is key. That seems to be a missing component in this dicussion but surcharges are front and center. Just this weekend, the parking at the commercial st. one for the homeshow was $10.00 for the event. The lot on Sunday was “very empty” at 11:30 & not much better at 1 pm.