Up Next: Bergman, Economou aim to maintain integrity of neighborhoods with Dover tweak

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Two city councilors are revisiting the call to seek an exemption to a state mandate that eases restrictions on certain nonprofit organizations, allowing them to avoid many local zoning laws and set up shop in what some consider mismatched residential neighborhoods.

Councilor at-large Morris A. Bergman and District 1 Councilor Anthony J. Economou sponsored a request that was adopted at the March 15 City Council meeting, according to the official minutes, for the city to provide further legal opinion “as to regulating non-profit social service agency day uses in a proposed Dover Exclusion Home Rule Petition.”


Worcester Sun

Worcester City Hall

In an effort that began a year ago, Bergman and Economou want Worcester to adopt a home-rule petition similar to the one Cambridge enacted in 1981 to address concerns surrounding Harvard University, which would give the city more control over the siting of certain kinds of nonprofits.

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