Sina-cism: Worcester students captives of caution and cowardice

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The city of Worcester and its public schools have reached another of those crossroads that offers hope for a new direction, and perhaps a chance at excellence.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

Tomorrow evening, Monday, March 14, the School Committee is expected to vote for the next superintendent of schools.

I say “perhaps a chance at excellence” because, by limiting candidates to those employed within the district, Worcester has ensured it will remain ignorant of whatever talent and leadership might have come here from elsewhere in these United States.

Mathematically speaking, there is a non-zero chance that leaving Worcester’s public education in the hands of those who currently exercise near-monopoly control over it will produce a learning paradise.

But that chance is very close to zero.

Worcester's downtown skyline, slightly askew

Wikimedia Commons

Worcester has a chance at excellence, but will school officials and parents keep it within their children’s grasps?

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