Obituaries, March 4, 2016

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Barbara E. (Rukas) Amburgey, 66, of Fitzwilliam, N.H.

Dr. Diane M. Cappoli, 63, of Worcester

David F. Cardinal, 60, of Worcester

Michael P. Chagnon, 60, of Millbury

Margaret V. (McNamara) Ciukaj, 86, of Southbridge

Lois H. (Needham) Cross, 87, of Winchendon

Alan A. Dearnley, 85, of Sutton

Lorraine A. (Roy) Denno, 59, of Worcester

Janice B. Dodge-Renaud, 63, of Sturbridge

Marian (Weiner) Freeman, 93, of Worcester

Marcia Ann (Wells) Gelina, 79, formerly of Marlborough

Barbara F. (Mascioli) Goneau, 75, of Clinton

Ruth A. (Moore) Horanzy, 76, of Oxford

Richard Everett Johnson Jr., 63, of Westminster

Nancy M. (Champagne) Johnson, 74, of Auburn

Robert V. Johnson, 89, of Plymouth and Holden

Rafail Kallco, 94, of Worcester

Barbara (Muzzey) Kublbeck, 93, of Worcester

Beverly “Minnie” E. (Jones) Kurtyka, 78, of Oxford

Mark J. Latuga, 50, of Worcester

Eugene D. Lavallee of Millbury

Arthur S. Locke, Jr., 86, of Spencer

June Lukey, 76, of Westboro

Scott L. Mackay, 61, of Rutland

Robert A. MacNutt, 83, of Holden

Ralph L. Malboeuf, 88, of Dudley

Brittany Alice Murch, 17, of Hubbardston

Louis J. Perrin, Sr., 68, of North Grosvenordale, Conn.

William J. Pitak, 90, of Dudley

James “Jimmy” Purcell, 72, of Holden

L. “Oscar” Selin, 92, of Worcester, Maine and New Brunswick

Eileen P. (Katcoff) Sreiberg, 85, of Worcester

Marion J. (Drew) Stark, 76, of Boylston

Rita C. (Feeley) Stencel of Millbury and Worcester

Warren “Red” Stricklen, 89, of Millbury

Nicolina  R. (Quatrale) Zacek, 93, of Dudley

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