Obituaries, March 18, 2016

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Leonard “Lenny” C. Anderson, 82, of Holden

Christo Antonio, 92, of Leominster

Margaret “Peggy” Barron, 89, of Uxbridge

Robert A. Beausoleil of Millbury

Ned Berthiaume,70, of Barre

Pierre R. Berthiaume 52, of Spencer

Jimmie-Gaye (Ponder) Buono, 56, of Ashburnham

Janet H. (Becker) Campbell, 80, of Southborough

Etheridge O. Camper, Jr., 68, of Worcester

Ann (Feldman) Cashner, 97, of Worcester

Andre J. Champigny, 77, of Warren

Genevieve V. (Kotel) Ciborowski, 88, of Worcester

Mary M. Concaugh, 90, of Westborough

Christopher E. Dalton, 51, of Millbury

Barbara Fillios, 62, of Framingham

Miguel B. Gilardez, 89, of Worcester

Jessie (Horne) Johnson, 95, of West Bloomfield, Mich., and Holden

Frances (Litsas) Karcasinas, 87, of Worcester

Mildred O. (LeClair) Kurr, 90, of Sturbridge

Glenda E. LeBlanc, 69, of Worcester

Helen M. (Pasay) Lipski, 94, of Webster

John F. Macauley, Jr., 58, of Worcester

K. Julie McCarthy, 73, of North Brookfield and Acton

Walter J. Nugent, 89, of Winchendon

Thomas V. O’Malley, 69, of Clinton

Clarence Oliver, 62, of Worcester

Michael J. Orlando, 28, of Westborough

Lt. Col. Stephen P. Ozaniak, 86, of Webster

Maria Parretti, 47, of Leicester

Frank Reale, Jr., 81, of Boylston

Christopher D. Robinson, 25, of Worcester

Teresa Rodriguez, 81, of Worcester

Anais (Lemoine) Salvas, 74, of Putnam, Conn.

Aaron E. Sauer, 42, of Paxton

Herman “John” Schuren III, 68, of Lunenburg

Armando R. Silva, 86, of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Berlin

Dorothy Aliki Theodora Teguis, 77, of Thompson, Conn.

John H. Terzian, 73, of Marcellus, N.Y., and Worcester

Michael Dang Thao, 18, of Leominster 

Joseph E. Thibeault, 88, of Douglas

Robert C. Trimble, Sr. of Northborough

Dorothy M. (Landry) Trottier, 73, of Worcester

Robert Joseph Trudeau, 68, of Boylston and Holden

Helen (Donelian) Varteresian, 92, of Whitinsville

Thomas R. Vivona, 81, of Campton, N.H., and Holden

Jeannette  L. (Grise) Young, 87, of Southborough

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