Obituaries, March 11, 2016

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Justin L. “Jay Kid” “Ardist” “Just” Ard, 28, of Worcester

John A. Belsito, 76, of Oxford

Paul B. Coffey, Jr., 47, of Worcester

Lorraine E. (Robinson) Cote of Leicester

Richard E. Eaton, 79, of Orange

Orlando Febus, 72, of Worcester

Paul V. Feeley, Sr., 93, of Worcester

Eugene “Butchie”, “Geno” Felicetti Jr., 74, of Worcester and Auburn

Daniel G. Grivakis, 85, of Minnetonka, Minn., and Clinton

Joyce M. (Mitton) Haley, 77, of Clinton

Helen M. (Erickson) Hayward, 94, of Worcester

Brenda G. Hixon, 63, of Grafton

Dorothy J. (Palladino) Hoch, 82, of Sterling

Jennie L. (Beinema) Jellesma, 97, of Uxbridge

Lois E. (Fuller) Johnson, 102, of Worcester

Karen M. LaBrie, 62, of Worcester

Jacques Arthur Leveille, 72, of Worcester

Kathleen Joann Maguire, 86, of Southborough

Barbara L. Mahan, 84, of Westborough

Ann M. (Gardner) Mallette, 80, of Spencer

Frances Donna (Lovejoy) Morabito, 74, of Boylston and Clinton

John “Jack” Michael Murray, 80, of Northborough

Lester H. Pease, Jr., 93, of Paxton

Olivier “Ollie”, “Butch” Proulx, 75, of Southbridge and Charlton

Bronislawa Bernice (Karpenski) Ravenelle, 89, of North Grosvenordale

Gregg A. Seraphin, 51, of Webster

Robert L. Servant, 73, of Berlin, Md., Gettysburg, Pa, and Southbridge

Pauline Ayotte Seuss of Leominster

Francis R. Smith, Jr., 74, of North Brookfield

Lee Solaroli, 71, of Sturbridge

Richard E. Tift, 73, of Worcester and Millbury

Elizabeth “Betty” A. Tripp, 86, of Northborough

Richard F. “Dick” Wright, 86, of Worcester

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