Local Business Spotlight: Quinn’s Irish Pub, coming to Greendale

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For co-owner Tim Quinn the soon-to-open Quinn’s Irish Pub will stand not only as a fitting complement to the swath of popular watering holes and eateries in the Greendale neighborhood, but more importantly it will be a lasting tribute to his brother, Ryan, who died suddenly at 35 in June 2014.

“Ryan was my only sibling. A lot of what Quinn’s is, is a big tribute to him,” Quinn said.

Quinn, 36, partnered with Cal Dolan and Dessie McKane, co-owners of Funky Murphy’s on Shrewsbury Street (with a second location in Marlborough).

“We’ve known Tim for years and we knew his brother well. It was really unfortunate what happened to [Ryan]. We know a lot of Tim’s close friends. When Tim told us what he was thinking and asked us for our advice, we realized there was potential in that area to do a good, local neighborhood tavern and restaurant,” McKane said.

quinnslogoQuinn, a graduate of Burncoat High School and Quinnipiac University, is a Greendale lifer and believes the pub will be a good addition to the Burncoat neighborhood.

“We’ve got a lot of great bars around here — Smitty’s, Bennie’s, Greendale’s — and a few of them don’t have food. Quinn’s will be a good place for some of those guys and gals to come up the hill and have a bite to eat and then head back to their regular spots,” Quinn said.

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