Local Business Spotlight: Clearly Coworking

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As the concept of coworking continues to float closer to the mainstream, and coworking spaces are quickly beginning to dot the Worcester business landscape, along comes a new entry in the city that wants to bring a little more work and little less “co-” to the situation.

Clearly Coworking on Grove Street offers a wide range of office space — including offices, open desk areas, conference rooms and training areas — but in a standalone building, with private work areas and a focus on established professionals with varying needs.

Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove St.

Courtesy Rob DelMastro

Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove St.

“There’s a tremendous amount of small businesses in Worcester and surrounding towns that work out of their home or on the road and they really don’t have a professional space to conduct their business,” Robert DelMastro, a Clark University graduate and owner/founder of Clearly Coworking, said.

“My office offers them an alternative to make them look professional and have a comfortable and affordable place to work.”

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