In this issue, March 6-12

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Up Next: Downtown underground garage nears debut |  Part of the new 550-space CitySquare underground parking garage is set to open soon. Aside from increasing the amount of parking in the city, this latest milestone in the $570 million project will immediately begin helping fund public safety initiatives and events around the Common. Patrick Sargent looks at the next project to come online.

Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove St.

Courtesy Rob DelMastro

Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove St.

Local Business Spotlight: Clearly Coworking |  By definition, a coworking space is a shared work environment utilized by separate organizations and individuals. Clarkie Rob DelMastro hopes to make his new Grove Street facility something more than that as he strives to develop a community of small businesses. Patrick Sargent has more.

Warren Buffett

Flickr / Stuart Isett

Warren Buffett

Sina-cism: Buffeted by angry birds of 2016 |  “Along came a squawking jay from New York City and a raucous crow from Arkansas, turning the rest of the flock into angry birds, whose chattering seems now to have been for naught.” So why does Warren Buffett think “the babies being born in America today are the luckiest crop in history”? Chris Sinacola endeavors to find out.

Ama Biney has quickly become one of the top guards in the NEWMAC.

Jon Endow / Courtesy WPI Athletics

Ama Biney has quickly become one of the top guards in the NEWMAC.

WPI’s Ama Biney doubles down on athletic stardom |  She was always a good bet to be a powerful presence on the collegiate fields of play. Anyone with a fungo bat or a John Wooden book in their back seat could tell you that. But the former Holy Name standout and born-and-bred Grafton Hill girl never wanted to choose between softball and basketball. So she didn’t. And now two WPI sports teams are making history by the day. Ken Powers profiles a true Worcester original.

Nick Chambers on stage

Courtesy Comix at Mohegan Sun

Nick Chambers on stage

Album on the way, Nick Chambers a ‘hot commodity’ in Boston comedy |  Worcester’s own Nick Chambers is taking a big step toward the big time, where many say he belongs. The all-around entertainer will appear April 15 and 16 at The Gas comedy show in Allston, performing for the crowds while recording his first comedy album. Patrick Sargent profiles the Burncoat grad on the rise.

Editorial: Pragmatic high-tech |  A breakthrough at WPI promises to simplify the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, overcoming a hurdle in the electric-car industry. The research team has been awarded a million-dollar contract to develop the process for scale-up. While they work on recovering those cathode ingredients for reuse, we reflect that our research-rich and practical-minded city has long had a hand in the nuts and bolts of making the world better.

March6SunSpot_teaseSun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 38]: Berning college questions |  For a guy who looks like he should be hanging with Statler and Waldorf, Democratic presidential interloper Bernie Sanders sure holds some serious sway with the university set. Of course, banging the free tuition drum will get you invited to every frat party on campus (we’ll just deal with that whole socialist bit later!). Hitch may be experiencing an entirely different Bern-ing sensation.

Sun Serial: A Mother’s Journey | Part 14 — The right turn on Pleasant? |  “My ‘Aha’ moment is happening and I am realizing the bigger picture: As I continue to meet new families, I am blown away by their hardships. I not only empathize with these families, as I walk the same thin line, but I also understand the frustrations of the child. I see their desire to do better … and it is causing me to remold my business.” Find out where Giselle is headed from here.


Worcester Weekly: Holy Cross hockey + 5 more things to do, March 6-12 |  We see your 60-degree forecasts, but we’re not falling for all this early spring baloney. And neither are the Crusaders, set to keep things cool at the Hart Center with a best-of-three Atlantic Hockey playoff series. Then there’s a women’s festival, poetry, video games, Irish music. And Chili. Sounds like a typical week in Worcester.

New in Free to Read

Neighborhood Strings

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

The Neighborhood Strings Teen Group

Sun Shine: Outreach program strikes inspiring chord in Main South
Time, of course, can change things. Chamber music used to be for the West Side folks. But thanks to the Worcester Chamber Music Society, youngsters in Main South, a neighborhood despite best efforts still known more for its struggles than its culture, have had the opportunity to develop a deep appreciation of the musical classics.
Bronislaus B. Kush profiles the uplifting program.

Whiskey hookah and cigar lounge, 316 Main St.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Whiskey hookah and cigar lounge, 316 Main St.

Local Business Spotlight: Whiskey takes its shot
After presiding over a pair of one-time hot-spots, a long-time city nightlife entrepreneur was back pounding the pavement in 2015, so he leased 316 Main St. in February 2015, began remodeling and opened the doors in November. This time things were different, though, for Roger Bachour. He decided it was time for downtown to grow up.

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