Editorial: On 168th birthday city shows it’s still growing

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The official seal of Worcester notes that it was incorporated as a city Feb. 29, 1848.

As such, the city’s 168th birthday fell on Monday, a Leap Day.

Worcester City Hall

Terageorge/Wikimedia Commons

Worcester City Hall

On a late winter day that saw a record high temperature (57 degrees), Worcester made the most of its birthday, celebrating as much its future as its past. To wit:

Last year, Burncoat High graduate Evan Corrigan noticed the leap year birthday and suggested the city celebrate it. This led to the city’s official birthday celebration at Worcester Common Monday afternoon.

Councilor at-large Michael T. Gaffney joined City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. and U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, and Corrigan in cutting a birthday cake made by Crown Bakery, a city institution.

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