Editorial: Hanover Theatre a glittering success

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The hammers stopped pounding, the hard hats came off, and opening night arrived on cue.

Somehow, everything was ready.

It was March 14, 2008, and the magic hasn’t stopped re-appearing at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts since singer/actor Bernadette Peters raised the proverbial curtain on the place that fine Friday evening.

In its eight years, the Hanover has proved itself nothing short of a star player on the downtown stage [the global stage, too, having been ranked 33rd in a list of the world’s top theaters in 2012 — at the tender age of 4]. The gleaming theater is an example of vision and excellence that does Worcester proud. And, as exemplified by a major expansion underway, it’s still reimagining itself.

Happy Birthday to Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts!

Wikimedia Commons

Happy Birthday to Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts!

Creating the Hanover was an urban-renewal risk that has paid off in countless ways.

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