Worcester Diocese grapples with $1.2M deficit

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Christ’s apostles heeded his advice and took nothing more than the clothing on their backs as they journeyed out to preach the news of heavenly salvation.

“Take nothing for the journey, neither walking staff nor traveling bag: no bread, no money,” recalls Luke, the evangelist, in his Gospel account of Jesus’ life. “No one is to have two coats. Stay at whatever house you enter and proceed from there.”

In today’s world, it’s not that simple and the local Roman Catholic Church, like its counterparts across the nation, is urgently looking for ways to stretch an already tight dollar so that it can continue to promote its spiritual mission to the community.

To operate effectively, the contemporary church needs more than an offer of free overnight lodging for its clergy.

It needs cold cash to pay its bills.

Worcester Chancery

Sun Staff / Worcester Sun

The Chancery of the Diocese of Worcester

There is now some concern among area Catholics about the future health of their church after the Diocese of Worcester recently reported an operational deficit of almost $1.2 million for the fiscal year that closed Aug. 31.

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