Up Next: To save money, Rosen proposes city do its schools’ work

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In an effort to cut costs, District 5 Councilor Gary Rosen is asking City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. to look into the possibility of city administration absorbing several financial and administrative responsibilities from Worcester Public Schools central office.

Rosen placed the item on the agenda for the Tuesday, Feb. 23, City Council meeting. The item “is an effort to consolidate and eliminate duplication of efforts — thereby saving taxpayer dollars,” Rosen wrote in an email to the Sun.

Worcester City Hall

Terageorge/Wikimedia Commons

Worcester City Hall

Rosen’s proposal comes on the heels of an unprecedented set of recommendations made by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce earlier this month which aim to control costs in the school budget for fiscal 2017 in light of recent estimates that enrollment trends will continue to point upward and expenses will inevitably climb.

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