Up Next: City petition would expand protection for landlords

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Massachusetts landlords may be afforded additional protection against tenants who violate state weapons laws if an amendment originating from Worcester’s city government passes muster.

City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. requested the city draft a home-rule petition that would allow landlords the right to terminate the lease of any occupant charged with crimes involving illegal weapons or explosive devices.

Moe Bergman

Courtesy city of Worcester


At the next City Council meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 9, Augustus will address the home-rule petition that expands the public-nuisance law.

The petition, originally proposed by Councilor at-large Morris A. Bergman, would allow not only landlords, but the district attorney and chief of police in any municipality, to bring court action against such a tenant.

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One thought on “Up Next: City petition would expand protection for landlords

  1. What a great idea. As a neighborhood leader it is extremely frustrating when a landlord has a problem tenant to hear that the courts protect the tenant and leave the landlord and neighborhood to suffer.