Sun Shine: A daughter of Vernon Hill, St. Vincent

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Jully Khattar is a confident, accomplished woman.

Jully, with her dog Trixie LuLu, a Havanese

Courtesy Jully Khattar

Jully, with her dog Trixie LuLu, a Havanese

She has her real estate broker’s license, a solid job, and is known as a prolific advocate and fundraiser for agencies who serve families dealing with chronically debilitating maladies. She has a long-time girlfriend and lives in a relatively peaceful and leafy corner of the city.

An award-winning volunteer and community leader with a dog named Trixie LuLu, indeed, she would seem the picture of serenity.

Except, creeping up on her 30th birthday, Jully still lives with her parents, is relegated to the first floor and needs help to walk. Oh, and she missed last summer.

Like most stories, you have to start at the beginning.

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One thought on “Sun Shine: A daughter of Vernon Hill, St. Vincent

  1. She truly is the sun shine that lights up all of our lives. She is my best friend, my family, my inspiration every day! I am so happy that her story is being shared with others. I know it will bring inspiration to many others as it does to all of us in her life. Her positive outlook on life is instantly contagious and it will spark the light inside of you.

    I encourage that you not only take the time to read this article but also share it! When you walk by someone you never know what they could be going through. As mentioned many times in this article Jully is always smiling – and at first impression you would never know how sick she is. But she fights every single day no matter what she is faced. I will promise you that once you share this article it will touch someone in need to find the strength for their own fight!

    I love you so much mama!

    Michaela Dardy