Angelo Padin is a young entrepreneur on the cutting edge

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Men today are particularly particular about their hair.

They shop for gels and mousse, and have no qualms about sneaking into the bathroom to do something about those graying sideburns. Unlike dear, old dad, they have more than a tube of Brylcreem sitting in the medicine cabinet.

Long gone are the days when a guy went into the barbershop and had the option of choosing a buzz cut or a “regular,” the hair-style popularized by JFK.

It took some prodding, but barbers have also become more attentive to the needs of their more prickly male customers. They’ve adjusted to the new and ever-changing market, but many have just not figured out how to compete with the big hair-styling chains.

This is where Angelo Padin comes in.

Angelo Padin

Courtesy of Angelo Padin

Angelo Padin, president of WooCutz and Simplicity Tech

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