Obituaries, Feb. 26, 2016

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Theresa A. “Terry” (Brassard) Berard, 87, of Worcester and Spencer

Helen R. (Stomski) Borko, 100, of Shrewsbury

Arthur Jay Borsky, 66, of Princeton

Janice L. (Blair) Bouthillette, 79, of Dudley

Melissa Cannon, 60, of Worcester

Rev. Richard T. Carey, 76, of Worcester

Patricia (George) “Pat” Chakalis, 78, of Framingham and East Douglas

Joan F. (Williams) Chesanek, 83, of Woodstock, Conn.

Annalee H. (Harwood) Collins, 89, of West Brookfield

Catherine R. Conaty, 92, of Westborough

Richard Corriveau, 76,  of Webster

Albert R. DiMarzio, Sr., 81, of Auburn and Worcester

Nancy C. DiMauro, 86, of Worcester

Mary M. (Joyce) Donahue, 96, of Northborough

Margaret A. “Peggy” (Severance) Houle Forkner, 87, of Worcester

Arthur George III, 82, of Westborough

June (Donald) Grant, 95, of Brookfield

John D. Harkins, 74, of Fitchburg

Jeanette Kandoyan, 87, of Worcester

Juanita (Yaylaian) Kenderian, 90, of Sturbridge

Marguerite Delvina (Roberge) Baird Kittredge,  95, of Hudson, Marlboro and Clinton

Gloria L. (Masse) Laprise ,86, of Dudley

Shirley A. (Needham) Leger, 71, of Fitchburg

Mary D. MacDonald-Hampton, 95, of Westborough

Domenic “Don” Mancini, 71, of Paxton

Charlotte T. (Woods) May, 92, of Northborough

Madeline A.”Maddy” (Sibley) May, 67, of Winchendon

Ann Elizabeth (Paton) McGrath, 80, of Fitchburg

Bryant J. Palazini, 57, of Shrewsbury

Clive C. Papineau, 90, of Webster

Michael F. Paquette, 60, of Worcester

Eugene C. “Gino” Peris, 93, of Worcester

David E. Prue, 60, of Worcester

Richard C. Quail, 87, of Worcester

Michael F. Richard, 64, of Jamestown, R.I., and Douglas

Linda Sue (Rose) Robbins, 68, of Worcester

Joseph H. Roy, Jr., 69, of Thompson, Conn.

Anita (Latulippe) Shortsleeves, 86, of Westminster

Steven Raymond Siefert, 38, of Hardwick

Robert Edward Smith, 91, of Lunenburg

Derek K. Sousa, 21, of Warren

James C. Taubert, 50, of Sterling

George Trudeau, 91, of Millbury

Gerhard A. “Gary” West, 86, of Clinton

Donald “Duck” L. Willett, 66, of Rutland

Elizabeth A. “Betty” (Pye) Wilson, 79, of Worcester

Ronald D. Zapatka, 72, of Boylston

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