Obituaries, Feb. 2, 2016

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Viola Williams Beauchemin of West Brookfield

Arlene L. (Matthess) Brigham, 91, of Worcester

Kimberly M. Brigham, 39, of Clinton

Ruth Louise (Codere) Buckley, 99, of Auburn

Louise M. (Oriol) Burch, 92, of Worcester

Marion B. (McGrath) Campbell, 96, of Worcester

George “Curly” Chevalier, 85, of Millbury

Richard A. Dell, 70, of Sterling

Theresa M. (Fitzgibbons) Dion, 90, of Southbridge

James R. DiProfio, 81, of Westborough

David P. Durgin, 55, of Spencer

Angela M. (Pizzi) Ferro, 88, of Shrewsbury and Worcester

Marie-Rose M. (Ferrand) Hamel, 91, of Barre and Worcester

John J. Hanlon, 101, of Dunedin, Fla., and Worcester

Harold C. “Bud” Jensen, 84, of Paxton

Stanley A. Kwasnik, 96, of Three Rivers

Cassandra J. “Sandy” (Earl) Lovejoy, 70, of Hopedale

Margaret R. “Pat” (Murphy) Macuga, 91, of Douglas

Barbara A. Markunis, 42, of Whitinsville

Richard D. Noel, 84, of Boylston

A. Wayne O’Day, 76, of Douglas

Pamela A. Pinto, 63, of Westborough

Richard R. Potter, Sr., 80, of Sutton


Dawna C. Prescott, 56, of Worcester

Ann C. (Gosselin) Raymond, 81, of Worcester

Thomas J. Rej, 89, of Whitinsville

Robert J. “Bob” Roy, 97, of Charlton and Southbridge

Robert J. Ruch, 87, of Westborough and Southborough

Francis “Franny” X. Santoro, 72, of Worcester

Frank S. Servideo, Jr., 87, of Worcester

Leon A. Sisco, 70, of North Brookfield

Remo Soloperto, 87, of Auburn

Paul L. Starrett, 84, of Mendon

Betsey M. (Burgoyne) Stevens 94, of Charlton

Dorothy B. (Kowalski) Stomski, 86, of Worcester

Claire E. (Desy) Walsh, 89, of Worcester

Kevin D. Walsh of Dudley, 85, of Charlton, Sturbridge and Holden

Alfred E. Wandrei, 90, of Oxford

Hedwig Helen “Edna” (Zukowski) Yurkiewicz, 95, of Sutton

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