Local Crowdfund: From the dark local performer John Morello takes a shot at providing hope

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“I wrote this show about drugs and about a year later, my brother died of a drug overdose,” says John Morello, playwright of the one-man show “Dirt” and author of the to-be-published book of stories, poetry and art, “Buckshot Words.”

Morello considers himself a “survivor of high-risk childhood.” He experienced two deaths in his family by the age of 12, his parents divorced, he was exposed to illicit drugs and didn’t finish high school. Despite Morello’s close encounter with the wrong path, he took the road less traveled and turned his experiences into life lessons for other high-risk children.

John Morello“I wrote ‘Dirt’ as a reflection of my past experiences. It was about telling relevant stories to children and about hearing their stories. ‘Dirt’ speaks about drugs, bullying and self-esteem in a non-motivational speaker kind of way,” Morello said in an email interview. “It has evolved into a show presented to many schools for children beyond seventh grade to help demonstrate the impact of these topics in everyday life.

“I am now looking to launch my second book, ‘Buckshot Words,’ to give another voice to family addiction, bullying, depression, personal loss, fatherhood, and traveling the world to listen to stories from young people.”

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