Khan: On diversity, inclusiveness city should aim higher than bonus points

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Personally, I give the Human Rights Campaign as much salt as I do my morning oatmeal.

Which is to say little. In fact, I do not actually eat oatmeal in the morning, preferring Grape-Nuts to reinforce my coarse exterior right from the get-go.

The Human Rights Campaign is a fragile institution and not — to quote Lesley Gore — “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.” In fact, according reporting first done by Buzzfeed and subsequently released documents, Lesley Gore, as a lesbian, may not have fared particularly well in the lily-white, male organization.

As a gay white male, I surely do not speak for the masses on the spectrum of the LGBTQIA community. In fact, being a homosexual white male in contemporary society, particularly one as in-your-face inclusive as Massachusetts, is probably only below heterosexual white male (and in some cases, higher in social standing through some odd fictional reparations for the 1950s).

Outside of losing the preeminent spot to “L”, the “G” is riding high these days, and continues to do so head-and-shoulders above those with whom we trickle in the spectrum. The gay white male still on net will make more than the gay white female.

And despite the crises that seem to be plaguing the Human Rights Campaign, of course, even hypocrites internally are not inherently externally wrong in their assessment. Thus, I cannot ultimately fault Worcester for its improvement in one year from a 55 (2013) to a 100 (2014), nor the city’s receipt of such a grade in 2015 through the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipality Equality Index.

Worcester's downtown skyline, slightly askew

Wikimedia Commons

Worcester’s downtown skyline, slightly askew — like, perhaps, the inclusiveness scores the city’s received the past two years from the Human Rights Campaign.

Rather it is certainly nice that action has been put in place, both legislatively and independently, to provide greater protections for LGBTQIA individuals. This is something to be applauded if used effectively.

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