Editorial: Why Restaurant Week matters

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The Winter Edition of the sixth annual Restaurant Week began Monday, Feb. 22, and continues through March 5.

Thirty-seven restaurants, at the time of publication, were set to participate in the two-week celebration of the local food scene, with those eateries each offering three-course meals from a special Restaurant Week menu for $23.16.

Basil n' Spice, 299 Shrewsbury St.

Mark Henderson/Worcester Sun

Basil n’ Spice, 299 Shrewsbury St.

Unibank and Pepsi are the presenting sponsors of this year’s Restaurant Week, which is launched in Worcester and managed by Pulse Magazine and its owner Paul Giorgio.

Giorgio told the Sun Monday, “There’s a real economic spinoff. In the middle of winter it has a substantial effect on the restaurant economy.”

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One thought on “Editorial: Why Restaurant Week matters

  1. Restaurant week is a great idea – if you have $23/each for a meal. When money is tight, you want to go somewhere that you know is worth the expense. Before it kicks off,though, you all should consider a “get to know you night”. Nashua NH has a yearly “holiday stroll”. The restaurants along Main Street all set up sampling stations. Main Street is packed, everyone is festive and enjoying feeling like a community. They sample flavored, stroll from one end of Main Street to the other, get to see all the shops, including those that are not restaurants and walk away feeling comfortable in an area they may not visit very often (and find shops they never knew existed). It revived a dying Main Street . They also sell tickets so that they have an idea of how many are coming. I realize all these restaurants of yours may not be close enough together to host a stroll based on tastings. However the idea works for other stores as well. A community just really needs to want to host one. Store owners who would like to find out more could probably call one of the restaurants along Nashua’s Main Street for assistance.