Part 10: Family Rejection vs. Manhood

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I waited to recuperate a little while living at Kissy Lowcost [Editor’s note: A complex for low-income residents of Sierra Leone that is more encampment than public housing, and is often referred to as if a separate community], but time was running out. I had to move fast while the little money I had lasted.

I moved one evening with my daughter’s tiny bag. I did not have much to carry because I had only the shorts and sandals I wore during my operation. The shorts belonged to Florence Suluku, a childhood lover who had dated my best friend. She knew my story and was very kind to me.

I left the place at Lowcost and tried to see my cousin, who had become a very prominent radio manager with Citizen Radio, which broadcast a much-listened-to program named “Monologue.”

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

My cousin was revered as the program manager at the station and in the town. Seeing me was not a priority for him; he had his own agenda and never thought I was suffering for anything. We talked about how we hunted rats and recalled how he was nearly killed by a snake when he dug in for rats.

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