Art is life for multitalented Burncoat teacher and Lifetime movie star Kevin Cox

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You have seen the movie before: the 30-year old, not married but in a relationship.

He has a stable job, as a teacher. One that gives him rigidity through part of the day, the veneer of familiarity each time you encounter him, and flexibility for additional work on the side.

Kevin Cox plays Charles to star Danielle Savre's Trudy in Lifetime's "The Wrong Car."

Dana Starbard / Courtesy Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox plays Charles to star Danielle Savre’s Trudy in Lifetime’s “The Wrong Car.”

The movie begins at 2 p.m. as school lets out, him finishing one of 40 experiments he co-designed, then traveling home, sleeping for a handful of hours, before changing and leaving the house for some side work.

You know what happens next: he changes, leaves the house, and the scene quickly cuts to him violently assaulting a woman. Of course in Worcester, these stories unfold not just on your basic cable-adapted television set.

Kevin G. Cox, a resident of the Burncoat neighborhood, is an actor whose latest movie “The Wrong Car” recently premiered on Lifetime [and airs again at 7 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 7].

It’s an Uber-gone-wrong style thriller, in which Cox figures prominently, playing what any Lifetime-viewer would recognize as the “come on, that’s the guy” character, whose background is more nuanced than your popcorn-throwing-at-screen would indicate.

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