Up Next: Bergman explores tax break, boost to property values

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For Worcester residents with aging parents or grandparents, deciding between looking into senior assisted living homes or having mom or dad come live with you can be difficult.

Moe Bergman

Courtesy city of Worcester


Councilor at-large Morris A. Bergman will present a proposal at the Tuesday, Jan. 19, City Council meeting that may make that decision a little easier.

“The trend among family members these days is to oftentimes have an older parent or grandparent move in with you and when people do that, they oftentimes have to put on an addition or an extra bedroom or bathroom,” Bergman said

Bergman will request the city draft a home-rule petition legislating a tax break for Worcester residents who build an addition to their homes to accommodate elderly relatives that come to live with them. [Age eligibility would have to mirror existing city tax exclusions, between 65 and 75, Bergman said.]

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