Up Next: Augustus, Gemme have gun violence in their crosshairs

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Up Next is intended to be a regular to occasional series highlighting stories and subjects we believe will be making news in the coming week.

It’s still very early in 2016, but Worcester’s city manager and police chief are already set out to tackle gang violence and keep positive momentum from the final months of 2015 building on the city’s streets.

As part of his agenda for the Tuesday, Jan. 12, City Council meeting, City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. will address the issue of gun violence and the Police Department’s means to deter further gang activity in hopes to see a continued decline in such crime.

Last year, according to Worcester Police data, the city witnessed 31 acts of gun violence, five of which resulted in homicides.

The summer saw an unusually high amount of gun incidents: 18 of last year’s 31 shootings occurred during summer.

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