Sun Shine: Outreach program strikes inspiring chord in Main South

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There is no dispute that Main South has seen better economic times.

But even when the gritty neighborhood was riding the crest of the city’s golden industrial age, there was little chance that passersby might be soothed by the sounds of classic chamber music wafting from the teeming tenement houses and the three-deckers that served as home to the working class.

Chamber music, after all, was for the snooty — the folks who lived on Salisbury Street.

Time, of course, can change things.

Neighborhood Strings

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

The Neighborhood Strings Teen Group performs at the Instrument Giving Ceremony last Friday night at Straight Up Cafe on Main Street.

So, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, over the past couple of years, chamber music has unexpectedly made a tiny footprint in the rough-and-tumble neighborhood, and, curiously, its ardent aficionados are a small group of kids.

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